Ever since discovering 'AMOS the Creator' on the Amiga, coding has been an enduring passion in my life. Over the years, I have honed my skills by working on diverse web and mobile projects, creating new solutions and optimising existing code-bases to deliver seamless user experiences. I am an advocate for test-driven development to ensure the production of robust, efficient systems powered by clean code.

As a dedicated developer, I am always eager to embrace new opportunities that allow me to contribute to the creation of exceptional software. If you wish to collaborate or explore potential ventures, do get in touch.

Chris Macdonald, Web Developer, photo

Mutual Credit Manager (2023)

  • A PHP/MySQL project commissioned by Falmouth LETS
  • Enables LETS Admins to run the group from a web-based interface
  • LETS Members can post Offers & Wants and exchange virtual credits
  • A modern solution for community mutual-aid networks

Help in Mind (2023)

  • A PHP/MySQL Therapist Directory and Self-Help website designed to allow Therapists to reach new clients
  • Therapists can join and advertise their services
  • Users benefit from free regular Self-Help articles (staggered daily using a system CRON)
  • Therapist payments handled by integrated Stripe API and Web Hooks

Mood Safe (2022)

  • Mood Tracker app for Android, currently in Open Beta
  • Users can capture their current mood and reflect on trends over time
  • Supports diary-style comments and tags
  • Privacy focused, so user's data is only stored locally

Cheap Pint (2022)

  • Chycor Ltd's mobile app allows local pubs to promote offers
  • Android and iOS apps integrate with a web-based administrative backend written in PHP
  • Both platforms consume data from a central NoSQL cloud database
  • Pub sign-up system uses an SMS gateway and 'random code generator' to automate owner verification

Previous Work

  • (2018 - 2023) Chycor / 247Booking, Cornwall, UK: Developed backend features for online booking system, including payment API integration and iCal (PHP, MySQL, Ajax)
  • (2020) My Decision Tool: Decision-making app for Android written in Java & Kotlin
  • (2019) BLC Consulting, Switzerland: Developed MoMe, a prototype Android app allowing construction-industry clients to input measurements (Java & Kotlin)
  • (2011-2013) Falmouth Recovery Support CIC, Cornwall, UK: Developed and maintained website for this mental health support organisation (PHP, MySQL)
  • (2005-2006) Sukses Solutions, London, UK: Backend modifications for osCommerce-based websites to meet individual needs of clients (PHP, MySQL)
  • I have also developed websites for various small businesses and organisations, including: Falmouth Men's Group, Cornwall • The Wood Floor Store, Derby • GKElectronics, Cornwall • Falmouth & Penryn Youth Forum, Cornwall • Bristol & Bath Pest Control, Bristol • I-Spy CCTV, Bristol • Euphorix Mobile Disco, Bristol • Assure Support & Wellbeing, Wales